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Bone Densitometry |

Bone density or bone mineral density tests (BMD) are performed at our Hunter Valley site at Cessnock. It is a non-invasive scan that looks at how dense your bones are in the lower back and hip to diagnose osteoporosis (weak bones) or help predict your likelihood of getting osteoporosis.


All Medicare eligible bone density scans are bulk-billed with no fee to the patient. If you are unsure if your request is eligible, please call our friendly reception staff.

What preparation is required?

No specific preparation is required. The total examination time is usually less than 15 minutes.

When can I expect the results?

Bone density (BMD) results are generated after the study and will be available for you to take home within 10 minutes after your bone density scan. All bone density scans are reported by our radiologists the same day, and your doctor will receive the result electronically.

Click Here to view a downloadable Information Sheet for your Bone Densitometry.

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