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Low Dose CT | Cessnock Dual Energy CT | Waratah

CT scans are available at our Hunter Valley site in Cessnock and our Newcastle site in Waratah. Staff are specially trained to ensure that all our CT scans are low dose.


All Medicare eligible CT scans are bulk billed with no fee to the patient.

What is a CT scan?

X-rays are used to form highly detailed 2D and 3D images of your body and internal organs. These images can be reconstructed to create various views, including showing 3D anatomy, so that our radiologist can thoroughly examine your region of concern and come to an accurate diagnosis.

Some scans require an injection of CT contrast so that more information can be gathered to aid in diagnosis. This injection outlines structures within your body, such as your liver, vessels and kidneys. If you have any allergies to CT contrast, please advise our reception staff when booking.

Before the procedure, you may be asked to remove jewellery or change into a gown as appropriate for the area being examined. During the scan you will then lie on a bed which moves through the CT scanner. Some scans require short breath holds that you will be advised about prior to the scan.

After preparation, the scan usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Preparation for Head, Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis

No food for at least 2 hours prior. You can drink water and take medications as normal.

Preparation for Spine, Bones

No preparation is required.

Preparation for Colonography

Your large bowel needs to be cleansed before the test. This requires you to follow a strict diet and take certain medications (laxatives) starting two days before the test. There are detailed instructions outlining this, that will be given to you along with your medications when you book your appointment. Please refer to our CT Colonography page for more information.

Preparation for Cardiac CT

No food for at least 2 hours prior. You can drink water and take medications as normal. Please avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and energy drinks 24 hours prior to the examination. Please refer to our Cardiac CT page for more information.

When can I expect the results of the CT scan?

All CT scans are reported by our radiologists the same day, and your doctor will receive the result electronically. If it is urgent, please let our staff know and we will report it as soon as possible after the scan is performed and phone the result to the requesting doctor if necessary.

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