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Digital X-Ray | Cessnock and Waratah

X-rays use a minimal dose of radiation to create an image of your body. It is best used to visualise bones, the spine, lungs and the chest.

At Clarity Imaging we use low-dose digital x-rays that are used to identify, diagnose and treat medical conditions and injuries in a quick, painless and non-invasive way.

A walk-in x-ray service is provided at our Hunter Valley site in Cessnock and at our Newcastle location in Waratah and no bookings are required. A referral and Medicare card are needed.

All Medicare eligible x-rays scans are bulk billed with no fee to the patient.

What preparation is required?

No preparation is required for x-rays.

When can I expect the results of the x-ray?

All x-rays are reported by our radiologists the same day, and your doctor will receive the result electronically. If it is urgent, please let our staff know and we will report it as soon as possible after the examination is performed and phone the result to the requesting doctor if necessary.

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