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MRI Scan | Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services

During an MRI scan, radio waves and a strong magnetic field are used to make computer generated pictures of the inside of specific parts of your body. The radiologist uses these highly detailed images to help come to a diagnosis.

Usually the scan will not require any specific preparation, but the receptionist will inform you of any at time of booking. As the test involves a strong magnet, you will not be able to take any personal items into the room (a secure locker will be provided for any valuables), and if you have any metallic items in your body such as pacemakers and stimulators, this may affect your suitability to have a scan. If possible, these should be mentioned at time of booking, but the radiographer will go through a questionnaire before your scan to ensure your safety.

Please read and complete the MRI safety patient questionnaire prior to your appointment.

You may need to be changed into a gown prior to the procedure. In the MRI room you will lie on a table, and coils will be placed on the part of your body to be examined. You will be given hearing protection or headphones to listen to music. Some scans can be performed with special quiet scans if required.

The scan usually takes 20-30 minutes (although up to 60 minutes) depending on the body part scanned. You will need to be still for most of the scan. 

All MRI scans are reported by our radiologists the same day, at which point the doctor who requested the procedure will receive the result electronically. If it is urgent, please notify staff so we can report it as soon as possible, and phone the result to the requesting doctor.

Booking and referrals are required for all MRI appointments. Click Here to Request an Appointment now.

Click Here to view a downloadable Information Sheet for your MRI Scan.

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