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Inteleviewer Installer download


InteleViewer represents the future in medical image delivery and records management. It offers the ultra fast web delivery of digital radiology images direct to your practice desktop. It’s simple, fast, secure and efficient!

No more guessing where the images were taken, no more wasted time looking for lost images or searching for reports. And there’s the freedom, flexibility and productivity gains that come from being able to access patient images, wherever you are.

Download InteleViewer Software 

Download and install the InteleViewer software on your local computer. 

InteleViewer Installer
InteleViewer PC (64 Bit)  InteleViewer-4-16-1-P302-install-win64.exe 237.02Mb
InteleViewer MAC Installer Inteleviewer_4_14_1.dmg 193.70Mb
User Guides
InteleViewer Installation Guide InteleViewer Installation Guide2.12Mb
InteleViewer User Guide V2 InteleViewer Guide6.91Mb
Java Component Installer
InteleViewer User Guide V2 InteleViewer Guide6.91Mb


Already have InteleViewer? 

Add the CLARITY bookmark:


Need help with InteleViewer? 

Contact our Referrer Support Team  to arrange a visit:

Get PACS Support at: 

Add the CLARITY Bookmark to Your InteleViewer

  • Launch InteleViewer on your desktop 
  • Select Edit Bookmarks
  • > Server Bookmarks >> +ADD
  •  New Bookmark >> Server URL enter 
  • Select Use Custom Server Name> Enter CLARITY
  • Select OK
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