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MRI Scan | Waratah,

An MRI scan uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to make highly detailed images of your body. It does not use X-rays or radiation and is painless and safe.

All MRI scans are done at our Newcastle site in Waratah


What we need to know beforehand?

Before your MRI we will need some information to make sure the examination is safe for you, as some devices implanted within the body could malfunction if exposed to a magnetic field.

When you are booking your appointment, our reception staff will ask the following questions:

Do you have a pacemaker, aneurysm clip, cochlear implant, or neurostimulator implanted?

Have you had surgery recently?

Do you suffer from claustrophobia?

The MRI radiographer will ask these and other questions prior to your MRI to ensure your safety and wellbeing prior to and during the examination.

What preparation is required?

Usually no special preparation is required for MRI scans. Some examinations of the abdomen and pelvis may require fasting, but you will be informed of these requirements by the receptionist at the time of booking.

As the MRI involves a strong magnet, you will not be able to take any personal items into the room, and if you have any metallic items in your body such as pacemakers and stimulators, this may affect your suitability to have a scan. If possible, these should be mentioned at time of booking, and a specialist staff member will ensure your safety for the scan prior to your scan.

How long does it take?

The MRI will last 20-60 minutes depending on what you are having done. Please ask our friendly reception staff at the time of booking for a more accurate time.

When can I expect the results of my MRI scan?

All MRI scans are reported by our radiologists the same day, and your doctor will receive the result electronically. If it is urgent, please let our staff know and we will report it as soon as possible after the scan is performed and phone the result to the requesting doctor if necessary.

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