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CT Coronary Angiogram

CTCA is a special scan using advanced CT technology to take images of the beating heart and the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle.

An injection of dye is given in a vein in the arm to highlight any blockages or narrowing in the coronary arteries. Disease of the arteries (coronary artery disease) can cause symptoms and a heart attack.

Information on the preparation required for your CT Coronary Angiogram can be found in “preparing for your CT Coronary Angiogram” below.

The radiographer will call you in and confirm your name. You will be asked to change into a gown. As you will be having a dye injection you will be asked to fill out and sign a questionnaire. Answering the questions as accurately as possible is important as there is a small risk of an allergic reaction and some conditions may require extra precautions to be taken.

You will lie on a bed and your heart rate monitored. You may be given medication to slow down your heart to improve the quality of the images.

Once preparations are complete, you will be given an injection of x-ray contrast (dye) in a vein in your arm as you move through the CT scanner to obtain the images of your heart.

You will be free to go after the scan and a short monitoring period. Although the scan does not take very long, please allow 90 minutes in total for the preparation and monitoring.

All CT scans are reported by our radiologists the same day, at which point the doctor who requested the procedure will receive the result electronically.

Booking and referrals are required for CT Coronary Angiogram appointments. Click Here to Request an Appointment now.

Click Here to view a downloadable Information Sheet for your CT Coronary Angiogram.

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